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    Essential oil products

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    Guangzhou Hua Zhi Lian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
    Address:NO.25, Room 501,Xingye Avenue West Fourth cross road,Qiao Nan, Panyu District, Guangzhou
    phone:+86 020-84600200
    Essential oil products / Grade(A)

    Plant essential oil(A)

    number name Efficacy description
    1 Lavender One of the most widely used essential oils in aromatic oils is a fairly soft essential oil with a sleeping, sedative and balancing effect. Relaxation, insomnia, migraine, nasal mucositis, skin aging and dry dermatitis, eczema, disinfection and deworming.
    2 Sage Natural stimulant eliminates depression, rheumatic pain, muscle bruises, swelling and soreness, joint stiffness, mental tension, headache, migraine, dizziness, indigestion, with bactericidal effect to increase immunity.
    3 Rosemary With pleasant fragrance, is the best essential oil to improve headache; weight loss, memory loss, cold cough, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, bites, blisters, sprain.
    4 Verbenae Sterilization, detoxification, diuresis, beneficial to the nervous system, stimulate liver function, strengthen heart function, relieve muscle pain, can relieve the cold caused by discomfort, inspire the spirit, cheerful mood.
    5 thyme It can sleep well and strengthen the function of the lungs. It can treat the acute respiratory rheumatism pain and various kinds of pain, redness and swelling, stimulate cell regeneration, improve the sore throat and so on.
    6 Geranium It has special effect for varicose veins. Traumatic hemostasis promotes healing, tonsillitis, antitussive, muscle spasm, balance of skin acid and alkali, stimulate hair growth, night relaxation, refreshing and comfortable mood.
    7 Rose Romantic passion increases lust, promotes hormone secretion, strengthens kidney function, postpartum depression, premenstrual stress, menopausal problems, increases sexual desire, and improves sexual coldness and depression.
    8 Changmi Promotes hormone secretion, strengthens kidney function, postpartum depression, premenstrual stress, menopausal problems, increased sexual desire ability, improve sexual coldness and depression.
    9 Jasmine Improve depression, relax tension, remove restlessness, drive refreshing, energize, strengthen the uterus, women's menstrual pain, improve sperm count and activity.
    10 Lily Activate cell function, improve menstrual irregularity, morning sickness and other symptoms of pregnant women; help detoxification and uterine maintenance, eliminate striae gravidarum.
    11 Ginger It is helpful for ovaries and uterus. It can prevent miscarriage, ameliorate dysmenorrhea and vomiting of pregnant women.
    12 osmanthus She is very scholarly, literati and Chinese women. It has a certain slowing effect on fatigue, headache or physical pain, and it is also an emotional booster for sexual activity.
    13 Yulan Enhance immune function, eliminate odor, inhibit bacterial growth, eliminate depression, create a romantic atmosphere, promote sexual desire.
    14 Sunflower Prevent skin dryness, high cosmetic maintenance value; relieve depression and nervous tension, and can increase the vitality and elasticity of hair; with lubrication, prevent scalp itching.
    15 thyme It has the effect of exciting and refreshing, improving depression and increasing sexual desire, can improve all kinds of respiratory problems, and has special effect on hangover, migraine, cold and fever.
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