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    News / Common problem

    Two small problems that can be solved with essential oils.


    1, insomnia

    Essential oils with unique antihypertensive properties, such as lavender oil, can be effective in sleeping, which is good for people with high stress levels. Try using an aromatherapy machine an hour or so before bedtime and add three drops of lavender essential oil to the machine to help you spend a quiet night (of course, foreign studies have shown that almost 50% of people don't like the smell of lavender essential oil, and if you don't like the kind, don't force yourself to use lavender essential oil Oh, it can be used for other essential oils such as Rome Chamomile essential oil. Diffusive essential oils work by releasing very small molecules into the air, which can be inhaled directly through the nostrils, and they travel to the brain, passing through the blood-brain barrier (the body's sniffing pathway) and into the body's blood circulation. So, if you're too lazy to use aromatherapy, apply one drop of lavender essential oil to the mouth of the left and right hand tiger, and inhale it near the nostril. The same effect is true (do not spread lavender essential oil in large areas to avoid hypotension)

    2. Stay up late

    Staying up late can cause a lot of problems, such as inattention or headaches the next day. Is there any essential oil that can solve this problem at the same time? Recommend a very useful essential oil, peppermint essential oil, peppermint essential oil applied to the forehead, can effectively alleviate headaches. In a 1996 study, 41 patients (and 164 headache attacks) were analyzed in a placebo-controlled double-blind cross-over study. After 15 minutes and 30 minutes, the peppermint oil is applied locally. Participants reported pain relief in the record, and peppermint essential oil was proven to be a good treatment for common headaches. Peppermint oil did not report adverse side effects after treatment. Menthol is the most abundant chemical in peppermint essential oil. As you will remember, wind oil essence is a kind of thing. It is even famous at home and abroad. It is said that many foreign students give professors this gift. Its main ingredient is mint extract mint alcohol, which is very refreshing taste, mint essential oil has the same refreshing effect, when sleepy smear two drops in the temple effect is very good.

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