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    Guangzhou Hua Zhi Lian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.s
    Address:NO.25, Room 501,Xingye Avenue West Fourth cross road,Qiao Nan, Panyu District, Guangzhou
    phone:+86 020-84600200
    News / Industry information

    HUA ZHI LIAN Sandalwood essential oil2018.12.25

    Aromatherapy can improve indoor air quality and eliminate odors. Aromatherapy can improve the respiratory tract, soothe irritability, relieve stress, enhance resistance and so on....


    Essential oil of rosemary and mental workers2018.06.04

    Legend has it that in ancient Egypt archaeologists discovered the remains of Rosmarinus officinalis. The ancient Egyptians believed that the....


    Small essential oils change your life.2018.06.02

    Every woman knows more or less that essential oils have many advantages for women....


    6 strokes can improve the smell of toilets.2018.05.30

    1. pay attention to moisture-proof. The bathroom is often connected with the shower, causing the environment to be moist and easy to breed...


    The use of massage oil, the use of massage oil2018.05.18

    When you massage, your hands should be able to slide freely along the body surface of the massage object...


    What does aromatherapy essential oil mean?2018.05.15

    Nowadays, essential oil is no longer strange to everyone. Many friends have a little essential oil in their homes...


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