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    6 strokes can improve the smell of toilets.


    At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the ventilation of the toilet. If there are windows in the bathroom, we must always open windows and ventilate. If it is dark, use exhaust fan to ventilate. Here we teach you 6 tips to improve the smell of the bathroom.

    1. pay attention to moisture-proof. Toilet and shower are often connected, resulting in a humid environment, easy to breed bacteria and mold, will produce unpleasant mildew odor, unhealthy. Pay attention to keeping the ground dry, dry up the water in time, and try to use the mop that is easy to dry.

    2. choose the foot pad reasonably. The foot pad of toilet is easy to hide dirt. If not cleaned in time, it will produce odor after a long time. Song Guangsheng reminds, pure cotton mat is easy to absorb water, but not easy to volatile and flavor, it is recommended to choose easy to clean quick-drying mat or towel.

    3. air freshener. Using other odors to mask odors is an effective way to pay attention to the air freshener odor should not be too strong, otherwise the two odors mixed together, more nauseating.

    4. baking soda and essential oil. Baking soda powder has the effect of deodorizing, and essential oil can emit natural aroma. A small amount of baking soda can be put into the container and a few drops of essential oil can make the odor fragrant easily. It is suggested that tea, eucalyptus, peppermint and other essential oils with antibacterial effect should be selected.

    5. incense tea lamp. If you have an incense lamp in your home, add a little dry tea on the lamp where the essential oil was originally placed and heat it with a candle. Tea has the function of moisture absorption. After heating, fresh tea leaves can be floated. Moisture absorption can kill two birds with one stone.

    6. green plants. Putting one or two pots of green plants in the bathroom can also effectively remove odor and purify the air. Toilet often no sunshine, pay attention to the choice of shade-tolerant and easy-to-grow plants, Pendant orchid, green Luo and so on are good choices.

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