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    Telephone:+86 020-84600200   中文 / English

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    Guangzhou Hua Zhi Lian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
    Address:NO.25, Room 501,Xingye Avenue West Fourth cross road,Qiao Nan, Panyu District, Guangzhou
    phone:+86 020-84600200
    About us / Company profile

    Guangzhou Hua Zhi Lian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the most complete company of essential oils and plant aromatic physiotherapy products at present. Established in Panyu District in 2000, it has been operating in the way of product specialty, price concession and honesty management for many years.

    The company imports pure vegetable essential oils from France and Spain, and creates its own brand "Bouquet's love" "huazhilian"pure natural vegetable essential oils and essential oil beauty and maintenance products. Top natural raw materials come from the authoritative global supply system and imported raw materials; product advantages highlight the real price of the goods; the first time to obtain the world's advanced aromatic technology and technical formula. Keep up with the times and devote ourselves to the development of special aromatic physiotherapy S.P.A products: pure natural plant essential oil raw materials, micro-oxygen (catalytic) essential oil, single essential oil, massage oil, base oil, water-soluble essential oil, non-fire essential oil, essential oil of fragrance expander, aromatherapy bottle, male and female private protection and beauty-related products at a professional level. Produce.

    Whether wholesale, Department stores, help to set up brand image stores in China, from gift dealers to OEM processing labels and commissioned production, or a large number of export, all guarantee to provide the best quality and optimistic profit space. Welcome dealers everywhere to visit and negotiate!

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