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    Compound essential oil

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    Guangzhou Hua Zhi Lian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.s
    Address:NO.25, Room 501,Xingye Avenue West Fourth cross road,Qiao Nan, Panyu District, Guangzhou
    phone:+86 020-84600200
    Compound essential oil / Sauna essential oil

    Sauna essential oil

    • Hua Zhi Lian sauna special essential oil flavor(10ml,30ml,50ml,100ml,1000ml)

    • 1,(male charm) kidney maintenance 2, Romantic. 3, relieve stress 4, relaxing the muscles and activating the collaterals 5, relax your sleep. 6, Activated cells 7, Rosy body 8, Lymphatic detoxification 9, Body shaping 10,Scraping 11, BOSS fragrant body 12, Lavender fragrance 13, Rosy body
    • Sauna essential oilThat is, a kind of natural vegetable oil from the bath massage massage massage. It is the use of people's sense of smell (nasal inhalation of essential oils) and touch (masseur's massage) to complete both!

      The use of sauna essential oil can make the skin blood vessels exercise, improve blood circulation, make the various tissues in the skin get the necessary nutrition, and help the guests to relieve fatigue, including mental fatigue and physical fatigue, so that the guests from the psychological and physical relaxation.

      Regular use of sauna essential oil, it is conducive to open the body meridians, ventilation blood, conditioning viscera, balance Yin and Yang, to achieve the effect of disease prevention and fitness. Especially for dry skin and premature aging skin improvement is even more obvious.

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