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    Compound essential oil

    Contact Us

    Guangzhou Hua Zhi Lian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.s
    Address:NO.25, Room 501,Xingye Avenue West Fourth cross road,Qiao Nan, Panyu District, Guangzhou
    phone:+86 020-84600200
    Compound essential oil / Hydrotherapy essential oil

    Hydrotherapy essential oil

    • Hua Zhi Lian Special spice for spa(10ml,30ml,50ml,100ml,1000ml)

    • 1、Whitening and tender skin 2、Antiaging in Rejuvenation 3、Dry skin care 4、Anti sensitive regression 5、Ovarian maintenance 6、Oestrus ribs 7、Menstruation and menstruation 8、Romano 9、Relaxing and activating collaterals 10、Retendon pressure 11、Activated cell 12、Relax sleep 13、Rosa Rosa 14、lymphatic drainage 15、Body shaping and beauty 16、BOSS Cologne 17、Lavender 18、guard against the flu 19、Joint pain
    • Enjoying SPA is also enjoying a kind of mood, in close contact with skin care elements from nature, to enjoy the mood, to seek face, body beauty and peaceful, open-minded mood, therefore, in a sense, SPA is a mood.

      What is S.P.A spa?

      SPA (French Solus Par Aqua), meaning "healthy water", is a brand-new concept of health and beauty. To create a pleasant and relaxing feeling, so that the body and mind to reach a relaxed, natural, pure state.

      S.P.AThe origin of hydrotherapy

      SPASpa originated from a small valley called SPAU in the hot city of Japan near Belgium. The hot spring area containing minerals can cure various diseases and pains. Residents near the valley have come here to bathe, drink mineral water, and use primitive plant aromatherapy to improve their health and beauty. The gift of nature makes SPA famous.

      S.P.AThree requirements for spa

      Jin Yunrong, a Taiwanese cosmetologist and chairman of the Far East Branch of International Aromatherapy, pointed out that SPA, which integrates health care and beauty, must have the following three conditions:

      First, there must be water.

      Without water, SPA can not be made, and it must be living water, such as hot spring water. If SPA beauty salons do not have this condition, they should also add some minerals to the bathtub to make it chemically close to hot spring water.

      Second, there must be decompression nursing.

      Emotional stress at work is very high in modern people. Decompressive care such as aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage massage can make SPA customers feel relieved, physically and psychologically relaxed.

      Third, we must have a "five sense" situation.

      SPA is through the human body's five sensory functions: hearing, taste, touch, smell, vision, to achieve a body, mind are comfortable feeling. Among them:
      Hearing -- music with curative effect
      Smell -- the incense of natural flowers and plants
      Vision comfortable landscape
      Taste -- the provision of healthy food and beverage
      Touch massage and skin care
      SPA must satisfy customers and provide meticulous care in these five senses.

      There are several kinds of spa products.
      A. Body sand grinding
      B. Body fragrance
      C. Health care
      D. Intimate moments
      E. Beauty and beauty
      F. Hair care
      G. Hand foot care

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